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In our industry, being conscious of how we are affecting the environment is extremely important. That is why we have taken huge steps to do our part.

Our solar panel installation is now complete! We flipped the switch on Friday, March 25th, 2011.

Solar Panels at Astro-Dynamic

More than 250 solar panels were installed on our roof altogether, capturing 80% renewable energy for our company. That's huge!

Solar Panel Photo with workers

While the snow set us back several times this winter, installation was still completed as anticipated and we flipped our switch on March 25th.

Solar Panel Photo with Darrel Standing

Our President, Darrel Dundore, is proud and excited about this successful undertaking.

Solar Panels Almost Complete

Astro-Dynamic: Sun Powered Print

Arial Solar Roof Photo

Astro-Dynamic Reduces Emissions by Installing Solar Panels

The 61 kilowatt solar array will reduce carbon emissions by more than 1,315 Mte, equivalent to the CO2 removed by planting 280 acres of pine forests, over the 25 year solar panel warranty period. The solar array will also replace 80% of the current energy usage at Astro-Dynamic’s facility.

“This investment demonstrates our commitment to the environment by lowering our carbon footprint, and the dependency of non-renewable resources and foreign oil,” said Darrel Dundore, President of Astro-Dynamic.

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